The simplest method of giving is to write a personal check, or visit our website to make your gift online with a credit card.


Appreciated Securities

When you give long-term appreciated securities, you receive an income tax deduction equal to the market value of the stock on the day it is sold. You also avoid capital gains tax on the gift.


Keep It Growing℠, Southwest Minnesota’s Farmland Retention Program℠

Farmland can be gifted to the TAEF, sold and converted to cash for immediate charitable impact, or it can be retained in our Keep It Growing℠ program, which allows the TAEF to maintain ownership of the land. Then, annual rental income becomes available for the charitable purpose you specify.



Commodities can also make a great gift. Individuals deliver the commodities to their local elevator and gift them in SWIF’s name. The specific tax benefits depend on whether the individual claims the commodities as part of their income before gifting them.


Other Property

A personal residence or vacation home may be given as an outright gift, or you may gift the property and retain the right to occupy/use it for your lifetime.