Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund:

An endowment fund is like a 'savings account' - endowment gifts are invested and never spent...only income generated from the original gifts is spent in a way that the benefits our children and the district. The endowment fund ensures a permanent, stable revenue steam and, when large enough, will help fund future school district projects.

Non-endowment Fund

(Project Fund):

A non-endowment fund is like a 'checking account.' Both principal and income are spent to fulfill immediate needs. Until our endowment is large enough, this project fund will be used to assist the school with projects as money becomes available and needs surface.


Schools are faced with many financial challenges because of state and federal dollar cuts.  Buildings will continue to need repair and be kept as a safe environment, technology has spiraled and will continue to do so-the list goes on.

We need to provide the best education we can for our kids!